Welcome to Clearwood!

MAC has created an adventurous event to get us all out of our homes and into our community!

This is a COVID-safe event, and you will not need to leave your vehicle!

The scavenger hunt will start at Reichel Beach where a volunteer will hand out leaflets with a list of clues and a map of Clearwood! 

The clues will lead you to the gold at the end of the rainbow!  

Hi-Lo Playground is Open! 

As of Friday afternoon, the new playground equipment is ready for use.  Two youngsters seemed to enjoy it, despite the rain.

Many thanks to the Maintenance Department, which assembled the equipment, built a new border, and added pea gravel.  Thank you for your patience.  

Clearwood is once again printing a quarterly newsletter, which will be included with your water bill.
To see it, Click Here


For map of restrooms open in winter Click Here