2020 Budget Meeting Reconvening Wednesday Night

Hello All,

We will be reconvening last night’s meeting tomorrow – Wednesday October 30th at 6:30pm at the Lackamas School GymnasiumI realize that last night’s meeting felt very closed-off to input and was informational; that’s not how I like to run meetings but because of our shortened time we had to drive through the entire budget line-by-line to validate each expense line. We are considering the input from you all as you’ve handed in question/comment cards, sent emails, and visited at the office and on the phone. There will be an opportunity for everyone interested to have a platform and be heard at the upcoming town hall meetings. These are the venues for you to speak your mind to the Board and Management, and provide options and feedback for us to process. You do have a say in all of this, and it’s important that we tackle these topics together.

Last night’s meeting yielded much information regarding our projected expenses and a reliable budget for 2020. We were presented the Association’s financial realities – proper allocation of dues had not been completed as required over the past several years, and that gave a false narrative for our financial operations up to this point.

We need to continue our conversations about how to deal with this imbalance in our budget – we will debate options for funding, consider other measures of cost control, and validate that the projected expenses in the budget are necessary and prudent. Last night we cut $173,799.00 from the budget that was presented to us, but we still have an imbalance to deal with. We did not make a decision last night on any assessments for 2020 and we will be making that decision at the Board Meeting on Saturday, November 9th at 9:00am.

Please join us tomorrow as we continue this difficult conversation. For more information on the budget and Q&A, please visit the 2020 Budget Information page on our website – this will be updated often. Q&A isn’t posted yet, but it will be soon.


Very Respectfully,

Aaron Lang, President of the Board of Directors