Lake Treatment Notice

The Lakes Report:

Clear Lake: The swimming beaches were treated Thursday, June 14th. The only exception was Otter Beach, which did not need it this year.

Blue Lake: Our applicator, Kyle Langan evaluated Blue Lake on Thursday, June 14th and feels it does not need treatment at this time. The concern is that the Elodia will get out of control. We will be keeping an eye on it over the summer, and will treat if needed.

Horseshoe Lake: The shoreline at Horseshoe did not need treatment this year, but will most likely need it next year. 



Information Wanted

Tuesday night, May 29, 2018, at approximately 11:00 p.m., at least one unidentified individual, a white male, about 25 years of age broke into the pool and office area. CCA has pictures of the suspect and are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction. Anyone with information is asked to contact Brian Gerrish or John Moore at the Clearwood Office.



Gate Closure Announcement



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, June 15, 2018 – 6:07pm

The back gate is OPEN to traffic!

The gate should be functioning by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The licence plate system will not be in service until the front gate is finished and the Gate Committee runs a pilot test with the software to make sure it’s fully functional and understand how it all works. We will keep you updated on that as it occurs.

The school buses will use the front and back gates on Monday, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday they will use Emergency and back gates.

As stated in our earlier update, the front gate will be closed starting Tuesday morning, June 19th.

Thank you for your continued patience as we get this much needed project completed.



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, June 15, 2018 – 11:54am

The back gates are going to be hung this afternoon. The Gate Company guys will be here at 4:00pm and should not take more than a couple of hours. Paving is happening now. The cones and signs on Bald Hills Road will be removed this evening. The gates will be pinned back, not operational. 

Cable locates for the front gate are being marked on Monday, June 18, 2018. The front gate will officially close to traffic on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 in the morning.



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, June 8, 2018

The updated schedule for the back gate completion is as follows. Sunday, June 10th, the concrete forms will be removed. Between Tuesday, June 12th and Thursday, June 14th, they will be installing operators and hanging gates. On Friday, June 15th, they will be paving and will open the gate that evening. Also on Friday, they will be posting signs regarding the front gate closure that will take place on Monday, June 18th. Watch for updates on the front gate closure.



**UPDATE** Posted Wednesday, June 6, 2018

As expected they are finishing the Underground this week. Trenches are done as of 11am this morning and the forms for the Hinge Posts and New Operator pads are being installed this afternoon. Tomorrow the High Voltage Electrician and the Low Voltage Electrician will be setting the remainder of the needed conduits. The inspector should be there on Friday am and Concrete will be poured in the afternoon. The site will be cleaned up so that on Monday asphalt prep and Asphalt will be going down. The Plan is to start the installation of the Gate Gear on Tuesday. Wednesday they plan to start the other Gate closure. The far gate system will be available for passage in one lane while we install the gate gear and hang the Gates. I will send another update this Friday afternoon. There will be a team there on Saturday for the cleanup at Back Gate.



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, June 1, 2018

From President Laura Drybread:

The goal is have the back gate completed by the end of the week next week. There is some additional conduit to be laid and inspected and the operator pad concrete to go down hopefully by mid week next week.  By Midweek of next week I anticipate getting a schedule of the gate re-opening in the back and a schedule to start demolition on the front gate and closure.  Target is still to have both done by the 22nd of June.




**UPDATE** Posted Friday, May 25, 2018

From President Laura Drybread:

There has been another delay to the gate project. I have just spoken with the Gate Contractor and he explained to me that he has had a very bad week with the subcontractors who were hired to dig the trenches and lay the conduit. Trenches had to be re-dug and now new splash boards will have to go up for the cement pour. And that will require another inspection which will be delayed because of the holiday.

I have been told that the delay on the back gate will not effect the completion of the project on time and that they will still have both gates done by the end of June. He said he hopes that he will be done about a week early. They have promised me an updated plan every Friday and I will keep you posted. 

I know many of you are inconvenienced with having the drive the extra distance because of the closure and I am sorry you have to do that. It is an inconvenience that affects all of us. Thank you for understanding.

We are still required to have two methods on entry and exit, so the emergency gate and front gate will remain open.



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, May 11, 2018

The paving of Meadow Road is completed. They will be out in the community on Monday, May 14th to finish patching.

The Back Gate demo and construction will begin on Tuesday morning. Above is an updated map to show where the gates that will be open are located. You can see a larger version by clicking the map.




**UPDATE** Posted Monday, May 7, 2018

Updated Gate Project Timeline/Notice

MAY 15th to May 29th

Note: Meadow Road Paving dates for May 8th and 9th have NOT changed. Meadow Road will be closed between the hours of 8 and 5 on both these days. Folks who live on the office front gate side of the Meadow can continue to use the front gate. Those who live on the opposite side of the Meadow Road can use either the Emergency Gate or the Rear Gate.

Back Gate Revised Time Line:

May 15-29 the back gate will be closed and impassable. Residents who usually use the Back gate will have to use the Emergency Gate or the Front Gate. The Emergency Gate will remain open during this period of time. Demolition and ground surveying, utility location, and marking of the Back gate area will occur between the 15th and 18th. There will be large holes in the ground as mechanical parts are removed in preparation for others to be installed. Ground work will be completed on or about the 21st at which time there must be a County inspection of all Electrical work. Between May 23rd and 24th the concrete will be poured and must cure for 5 days before the gates can be hung.

New Maps will be posted after the Paving Project on Meadow Road is complete. Not having both projects running simultaneously will be a benefit to the Community and should make transportation a little easier to deal with.

The Emergency gate will remain open from May 15th through the 29th. Keep in mind that the 28th of May is Memorial Day and there will likely be a lot of traffic in the community. It is unfortunate that the holiday falls during this time period but is necessary in order to start and complete the Front gate on a similar schedule with a date to be determined based on back gate completion.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and understanding.



*UPDATE** Posted Monday, May 7, 2018


We are sorry to inform you that due to a scheduling conflict we were notified this morning from our Vendor that they would not be able to start our Gate Project this morning as anticipated. We have scheduled a conference call with them this afternoon to revise the project time line. As soon as we have more information, we will post it here.

Due to the short notice, we are leaving the emergency gate open today for those who do not have access to this announcement. It will continue to be open Tuesday and Wednesday for the Meadow Road paving project which is still on schedule for the 8th and 9th.

Please watch this site for more information.



**UPDATE** Posted Friday, May 4, 2018

News about Gate and Meadow Road Closures

During the install of the Back gate on May 7, 8, 9, the Emergency Gate will be open 24/7 starting at 7 am on the 7th until the gates are complete on the 9th!

Between 8 am and 5 pm on the 8th and 9th the front gate will be closed while doing Meadow Road paving. During all other times, the front gate will be open and the sally arm locked in the up position to assist with traffic flow during these brief 3 days.

Please allow extra time to get where you need to go due to detours.

Detour signs will be posted. Maps are posted above (click map to open a larger version), posted in the Office window, at the mailboxes.



In the Month of May, there are two major projects occurring in Clearwood that will effect access through gates and the crossing of the Meadow on Clear Lake Blvd North.

You need to plan some extra time to get in and out of the community for your work or other commutes.

Watch for updated information in the event weather conditions delay work.


Back Gate – May 7 through May 9 (24 hours a day) No entrance or exit

Front Gate – Date to be approximately two week from completion of back gate. Watch for new notice.

Meadow Road Paving – May 8th and 9th and will be closed 8 AM to 5 PM both days. Road is scheduled to reopen on May 9th after 5 PM.

Patching – There will be random road patching going on through out the Community.

DETOURS during Back Gate, Meadow Road-Patching Projects

Detour Routes will vary based on where you live in Community – A large Map that is color coded is posted in the Window of the Business Office. A smaller scale map is available at the office or by clicking the map above.

May 7th through May 9th:

If you live past the speed bumps on the Main Road into the community from the front gate you will use the Emergency Gate near Longmire Beach on May 7 through 9 while the back gate is closed. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the back gate and emergency gate if you don’t know where they are before construction begins

If you live before the speed bumps on the Main Road into the community from the front gate you will continue to use the front gate May 7th through 9th since you don’t travel over the Meadow Road.

On May 8th and 9th, the Front gate can be used before 8 am and after 5 pm as the Meadow Road will be open after those hours. The roadway being repaved will be gravel the night of the 8th.


DETOURS during Front Gate Replacement Project

Watch for notice of specific dates which will be determined when Back Gate is completed. A large Map that is color coded is posted in the Window of the Business Office. A smaller scale Map is available at the office or by clicking the map above.

Approximately May 21st to 23rd – Dates to be finalized with completion of back gate.

If you normally come into the Front Gate you will need to use the Emergency Gate. Please familiarize yourself with your route from the Emergency Gate to your home before the closure occurs. Allow extra time for your commute.