Board of Directors

The Clearwood Board of Directors is comprised only of Members of the Association and are volunteers. You must be a Member of the Association in good-standing to be considered to serve on the Board. The BOD is governed by state law and the Association’s governing documents.

Regular Board meetings are scheduled on the 4rd Saturday of each Month at 9:00AM via Zoom.

See Meeting Minutes and Agendas…

Richard Houghton
Elected: 11/7/20. Re-Elected 11/4/23. Term Expires 2026
Liaison to:  Member Activities Committee and Architectural Control Committee
Walter White
Elected 11/7/20. Re-elected 11/6/22. Term Expires 2025
Liaison to: Violations Committee and Roads and Water Committee
Alexa Burns
Elected 11/7/20. Re-Elected 11/4/23. Term Expires 2026
Liaison :  Architectural Control Committee
Tim Kramer
Elected 11/6/2021.  Term Expires 2024
Liaison: Finance Committee
Christian Gates
Elected 11/6/2022. Term Expires 2025
Liaison to: Violations Committee
Phillip Holzinger
Elected 11/6/2022.  Term Expires 2025
Liaison to: