The Clearwood Annual Membership Meeting and Election is held on the first Saturday of November. Members vote by mail or drop off ballots at the office or other specified place. 
Clearwood is a community governed by Covenants, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations. These are collectively referred to as the Governing Documents. With the exception of the Covenants, both the Board of Directors and the membership have the opportunity to add to, amend, or remove verbiage in these governing documents. The Board also proposes the Budget for the coming year and may propose changes in assessments.
These issues, called Resolutions, are voted upon and passed by a simple majority of those members who vote. Along with resolutions, open seats on our Board Of Directors are also voted upon annually. Candidates for the Board must complete an application that includes a disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest, agree to and pass a criminal background check, and review and sign the Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy and the Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy.
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In accordance with the By-Laws, a member must be “in good standing” in order to vote. “Member in good standing” means assessments, special assessments and all fines caused by violations are paid in full prior to registration at a meeting or election, and payments are current on a promissory note, submitted at least 30 days prior to a meeting or election, which pays off all assessments by December 31st of the year of the meeting or election.
Voting is a right and an important privilege. All members are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.
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