Engineers’ and Consultants’ Reports

From time to time, Clearwood uses engineers or other consultants to gather information on how to proceed with a project.  Here are copies of some of their reports.

Reports of Owner’s Representative:
2022 August Report to Board
2022 July Report to Board
2022 March Report to Board
2022 January Report to Board 
2021 December Report to Board
2021 November Report to Board
2021 October Report to Board
2021 July Report to Board 
2021 June Report to Board
2021 May Report to Board
2021 April Report to Board

CCA Community Plan:
2021 Community Plan

10-Year Roads/Water Plan:
Progress report from KPFF at 100% of project completion Click Here
Progress report from KPFF at 50% of project completion Click Here
Progress report from KPFF at 25% of project completion Click Here
Project Manager’s report for January Click Here

Design Project 1A – Blue Hills Drive and Cul de Sacs
90% – Blue Hills Drive – Memo
90% – Blue Hills Drive – Plan Set
90% – Blue Hills Drive – Storm Drainage Report
90% – Blue Hills Drive – Cost Estimate

Tennis Courts:  Report and Recommendations from KPFF Click Here
Updated CCA Tennis Court Site Evaluation and Recommendation 2-19-2020
Updated June 2022

72-hour Pump Test of Well 5 (8/25/2020)
Full Report Click Here
Summary of Report Click Here

Well 5 

Bridges and Docks Inspection and Recommendations (8/24/2020)  Click Here

Summary of Bids to Conduct Engineering Studies:  10-year roads/water plan, soil evaluation of tennis courts, potential impact of Weyerhaeuser regulatory compliance (8/31/2020)
PowerPoint Presentation Click Here
PDF Version Click Here

Clear Lake Toxic Algae Report (9/14/2020)  Click Here

Report on Pool (1/15/21) Click Here 
2021-0464 Clearwood Pool Structural Plans
2021-0464 Clearwood Pool Calculations