Management Research Subcommittee


The Management Research SubCommitte was formed at the request of members to assist with transparency among members in regards to management options. This is a Subcommittee of the Finance Committee in that they will need to work parallel of each other in regards to the communities budget if any hiring of management were to happen in the future.

The primary responsibility of the Management Research Subcommittee will be researching all forms of management options for the community. As well as bringing reports to the community, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors. Then with those reports and after community input the Board will make recommendations to the community in what would be the best form of management, if any.


Meeting Times:
The Management Research Subcommittee meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Clearwood office.



Board Liaison: Emily Martin

Committee Chair: Malinda Poirier

Committee Secretary: Syndi Martin

Committee Members: Racheal Paige and Suzie LeFurgey




Management Research Committee Town Hall Presentation


**MRC Research Data**

MRC Town Hall Audio Recording 2/21/19

MRC Town Hall Audio Recording 2/22/19

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