RV Season Reminder

This is a reminder to Membership on Recreational Vehicle season on Lots

Our Community offers its members fantastic opportunities to enjoy nature through recreational vehicle camping.   To everything there is a season, and the RV season lasts from April 1st through October 31st.  Homes that have approved RV screening may continue to have their RVs parked at their residences beyond that date. Recreational lots (lots without a constructed residence) must remove their RVs to an approved storage site by the end of October.  The Membership approved this in our Rules and Regulations, Section 3. Recreational Vehicles and Equipment.

All rules generally have an exception, and in this case the only exception is for Members who are building their home, they may obtain a permit to live full time in their RV during the 1 year building cycle.  If this is the case, please contact the office so we can help you obtain the proper permit.  For all other recreational vehicles (travel trailers, campers, tents and other equipment), be aware we are approaching the November 1st date that states all RVs shall be removed from individual recreational lots.

If you have a Recreational Vehicle please be aware the CCA Compliance Specialist includes monitoring for this during her normal tours.  If you have an issue, please contact the office to discuss with the General Manager.

Thank you.