Member Resolutions

Member Resolutions Instructions

  1. Bylaws VI 5 I(i) “The Membership may submit a proposed amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations by submitting to the President a petition signed by members in good standing comprising at least 10% of the voting power in the Association”

  2. The Board can be a resource to assist you with your idea. Consider presenting your idea to the Board early (before May), the Board may adopt it as a Board Resolution and your petition will not be necessary. Resources to assist may be accessed through

  3. The format for the petition of a Resolution/Measure (Included in this document)

  4. The petition must have 136 signatures by members in good standing. One signature per lot. Lot and Division and/or address must accompany the signature. Petitions that do not meet this requirement will be rejected.

  5. The deadline to submit to the Board of Directors is the third Monday of June.

  6. All Resolutions/Measures must go to legal counsel for review. Thus, a member resolution may be rejected upon advice of legal counsel

  7. Be prepared to present a Pro statement for your Resolutions/Measures at the October Town Hall Meeting along with a written version of your Pro statement for the CCA website.